West Blocton Bible Methodist

Alabama Bible Methodist Conference


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  Wesleyan Methodist of Alabama

The early Wesleyan Methodist were strict abolitionist and their strong opposition to slavery in the Methodist Church and in the communities of the south lead to the ministers being thrown of of the south near to the start of the Civil War.

Wesleyan Methodist began to return to the south to establish churches after the end of the Civil War.  The Wesleyan Methodist Church of Alabama began prior to the year 1907. The minutes contained on this site start in 1907 and go through 1948. 

The Wesleyan Methodist in Alabama were originally part of the Georgia Conference of Wesleyan Methodist.  They are first mentioned in the 1907 conference minutes which happened to be the 5th annual Georgia Conference of the Wesleyan Methodist.  P. C. Ramsey and J. A. S. Anderson were present.  The conference president F. M. Graham mentions in his report that he had attended a campmeeting near West Blocton at Ada Chapel.  It was also mentioned in the minutes that the Friendship church was organized with sixteen members.

The first Wesleyan Methodist Church in the Alabama was Ada Chapel and the second was West Blocton.  Ada Chapel is located near to West Blocton and both churches often shared the same pastor.  They were on a called the Bibb circuit and the first pastor recorded in this record is J. A. S. Anderson. 

Two other church's mentioned in the conference minutes of 1908 include Mt. Ivah and Friendship, Al.  They were pastored by P. C. Ramsey and his wife Ada Ramsey and were called the Blue Creek Circuit.  The 1908 record mentions that the conference received the Mt. Ivah church into the conference.  It was founded by P. C. Ramsey and originally had ten members.

Here are scanned images of the original minute starting in 1907 through 1909. Feel free to browse the pages.  They are picture images of all the minutes pages and the quality is reduced but all are still readable.